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Yearly Archives: 2010

How to Clean Laminate Flooring

< !DOCTYPE html> We are asked every day by almost every customer what is the proper way to clean laminate flooring. So below are some tips provided by FAF to keep your laminate flooring looking amazing.

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8 Amazing Treasures Found Beneath The Floor

< !DOCTYPE html> Finding hidden treasure isn’t just a dream for little kids; a person of any age would be delighted to discover ancient artifacts, antique jewelry, or even just a long-lost yet sentimental item hidden in an unexpected place

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10 Super Nasty Floors

< !DOCTYPE html> There are many blogs that will show you amazing floors and carpets.  You can find unique designs and artistic paintings for feet all over the world.  Our blog even has a great story about 10 amazing floor

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Characteristics of Oak Hardwood Flooring

< !DOCTYPE html> When looking for new flooring, there are many characteristics that shoppers should look for.  Some people are solely focused on matching the floor to the counter top colors, whereas others have kids and dogs and need incredible

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10 Amazing Wood PC Cases

Here Are 10 PC Cases That Are All Created Using Wood. We have trawled the modding communities to provide you with several artistic examples of computer cases made from wood. Wood cases incorporate the natural world within the design and

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Tips on Installing Hardwood Flooring

< !DOCTYPE html> People find doing home projects a way of releasing stress and laying hardwood floor is a prime example of that. Installing your own hardwood flooring can be a nice project that could take a day and make

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5 Reasons to Consider Bamboo Flooring

< !DOCTYPE html> A lot of people neglect to consider bamboo flooring when it’s truly a viable option to consider.  Here are 5 great reasons to consider bamboo flooring in your home: Environmentally Friendly. Most people don’t know that bamboo

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Caring for your hardwood flooring

< !DOCTYPE html> You just invested in your new hardwood floors. You purchased the flooring and maybe even forked up the money to have it installed. If you had the guts to install it yourself, then you are looking at

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Wow! What A Great Deal on Hardwood Flooring

< !DOCTYPE html> It always amazes me when a customer walks out of the store excited about the great deal they just received. Gina Bonner came to our store looking for solid hardwood. She had a small project about 300

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Save money and increase your home value. How do I do that?

< !DOCTYPE html> Carpet sales account for over 60% of all flooring sales in America. But other categories of flooring are gaining ground. The right carpet in the right application can be absolutely perfect. But there can be pitfalls. Some

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