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10 Amazing Wood PC Cases

Here Are 10 PC Cases That Are All Created Using Wood.

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We have trawled the modding communities to provide you with several artistic examples of computer cases made from wood. Wood cases incorporate the natural world within the design and fit perfectly into the modern home. Once you have seen these awesome cases you will want to hide away your beige monstrosity!

1. Evil PC Case

Steampunk Wooden pc case

This wood case looks awesome but also freaky like something that the prince of darkness would design.

Source Via

2. Old Wooden Phone Mod

old wooden phone mod

The antique phone on top of this case actually works and can be used for sype and other VOIP services!


3. Russian Wooden PC Mod

russian mod pc full

Wooden Case mod russian

This desktop solution was created entirely using red wood by a Russian craftsman.


4. Stained Glass PC Mod

stained glass pc case

This case allows people to peek inside your pc so make sure you keep it clean of any dust.


5. Wood Grained PC Case Mod

Wood Grain MOd

This case works as both a table and awesome pc case. It would not look out of place in a well designed urban living room.


6. Wooden Skyscraper PC

Skyscraper wood PC

The Skyscraper Photo PC is constructed entirely of wood.  The main structure is basswood with a mahogany veneer.  The back panel is birch plywood painted with industrial aluminium paint.


8. Wood Radio PC Case Mod

Wooden Radio Ingraham PC Case

This pc case might get mistaken for the Ingraham radio that its designer based it on.


9. Suissa – Enlighten


This strange contraption is actually a computer. This PC will put other beige machines to shame.


10. FiveWood Wooden Case



This case is constructed using only wood and took its designer (Chris Cool) over 350 hours to create.


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To make sure that console owners don’t feel left out i found 2 awesome wooden console cases:

1. Wood SNES

Wooden SNES

The creator of this wooden SNES must have spent 100’s hours to create such a case for his favourite console.


2. Wooden Steampunk PS3

Wooden PS3

This PS3 is not entirely wooden but we still think it looked awesome enough to include it. This would be the perfect machine for any Steampunk fanatic.


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6 comments on “10 Amazing Wood PC Cases
  1. Ross Shimkus says:

    If you continue submitting posts like this then I’m going to keep on heading back to your blog. Magnificent stuff.

  2. Mahmoud says:

    If I was rich I would ensure that not only would I have the best PC but a wooden case to boot.

  3. Slow Reflexes says:

    “This strange contraception is actually a computer.”

    Umm… what you trying to say, there?

    I was thinking about doing something out of wood, but I see now that I am wholly unworthy.

  4. David says:

    That computers control our lives, from before the cradle to the grave!

    …no. A typo. An 8 month old typo. Nice catch!

  5. howy says:

    Nice cases. I will tweet about it.
    Better then the dull gray black silver pc cases that you want to hide far away.

  6. Techie Talks says:

    I like wooden cases. How I wised I have the resources to build one!

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