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10 Super Nasty Floors

There are many blogs that will show you amazing floors and carpets.  You can find unique designs and artistic paintings for feet all over the world.  Our blog even has a great story about 10 amazing floor designs.  But today, we present to you a little different take.  We have found 10 of the most disgusting floors and rooms you will ever see.  So without further ado, here are 10 super nasty floors:

1. Bad Boys

Rotten hardwood Floor

This room looks like something straight from the TV show Cops.  Don’t be fooled by the floor and think it’s marble.  Instead, that floor is hardwood that has rotted past fixing.  This house could use some bamboo flooring to fix the problem.


2. Fast Food Nation

Trash Covered Hardwood

Someone likes their fast food.  The floor is barely visible because of the Del Taco, Hardies, McDonalds and Subway trash covering it.  If you look hard enough, you can see a nice hardwood floor properly sealed in the bottom right corner.


3. Office Space

Messy Floor

Welcome to the Floors To Your Home office!  Just kidding.  It’s unfortunate that this very unique tile was not properly kept.  You can see how loose the stones are in the bottom of the picture.   Those need to be replaced.


4. Fraternity Row

Frat Carpeting

Welcome to the fraternity house of DCA – Donta Cleana Rooma.  As you can see, like most frats, the room is a mess.  Luckily, the carpet is industrial strength and can handle all the messes and disasters that will unfold here.  The real shocker in this room is the fact that there is an open book on the futon.  If you need some commercial carpet give us a call.


5. Kid’s Corner

Playroom Floor

The Hartford family has the coolest floor.  It’s too bad you can’t see it!  The house has great, clean hardwood flooring and even a nice road map style rug for the kids to play on.  Unfortunately, the toys block all the beauty.  Someone needs to call a Mr. Fisher Price and have him claim all his missing toys.


6. Uncle Jimbo

Old Hardwood

Luckily, this floor was in renovation.  It looks like Uncle Jimbo there is slowly trying to pick up the old, dirty flooring so he can be ready to put in new hardwood.  Anyone know a good place to order flooring online…


7. The Bachelor

Unknown Floor

This bachelor’s pad has a type of flooring you can only find at the grocery store – bags of chips.  His room is so messy that we are unable to even decipher what type of floor he has or recommend him anything.  Rather, we recommend this guy gets out and buys a trash can


8. Potty Time

Bathroom Floor

I hope that is black carpet on the floor.  Otherwise, this may take the cake for grossest room we found.  Bathrooms generally aren’t as clean as the rest of the house, but a simple laminate floor with protective sealant can really do wonders in a bathroom.


9. Dorm Room Dirt

Dorm Room

The dorms are built for chaos, but who knows if they are ready for this girl.  It looks like her father is building her shelves so she can put away some of her clothes that are everywhere but if things look like this on move in day, imagine what it will be when she moves out. Plus, that Red Sox picture makes any room look worse.


10. Garfield

Smug Cat (like they aren't all smug)

With all the stomach cringing pictures above, we wanted to leave you with a little lighter picture to end.  Garfield is a pretty messy cat and this room is downright dirty.  Luckily for him, a simple eraser can clean up his mess.


If you have a super nasty floor you’d like to share, send us a picture and the story and we can help you fix it!

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