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Yearly Archives: 2012

Surprising Facts on Laminate Flooring ”Seconds”

< !DOCTYPE html> On our site you will find products listed as “Factory Seconds“, or “Second Quality“. What is that; what does it mean? Are we selling you our trash? Is it a euphemism for “junk Flooring”? No, it really

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Did You Know This? Flooring Links on Handling Winter Woes

< !DOCTYPE html> How’s that for a Marky-Markety title? And I didn’t even have to use killer, epic, awesome, leverage or hurry! Sometimes I am so …adequate! There are a few reasons why I’m posting a link collection rather than

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Guest Post – Laminate Flooring Benefits for an Ever Changing Guest Bedroom

< !DOCTYPE html> Laminate is considered one of the most practical and attractive alternatives to carpet, mainly because of its many advantages. When a guest walks into the room they will be staying in, the first thing they often see

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How Warranties Work: Who is Responsible? The Installer? The Shipper?

< !DOCTYPE html> Installers and/or Contractors Remember that the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act only governs warranties on “tangible personal property.” Not only does it not cover property like land ownership, it also does not cover warranties for services. Not all states

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How Warranties Work: Who is Responsible? The Seller or the Manufacturer?

< !DOCTYPE html> I mentioned a scenario in the first warranty post where customer Oswald had two businesses fighting over who didn’t have to honor the warranty on his damaged floor. I’ve also written about a situation where a retailer

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Did You Know This? Flooring Links on Fighting Allergies and Water this Fall and Winter

As Fall hits us in the face, we have two misanthropic phenomena with which to deal, allergies and related breathing issues, and tracked in water. Here are some links to posts you might find helpful in these areas.    

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How Warranties Work: Used and “As Is” Sales

< !DOCTYPE html> The Warranty Killer Things may be sold “as is” in many states. No warranty is being offered, and the statement “as is,” which tells the customer that the product is definitely in less than the best condition,

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Guest Post – Risks of Contacting Hazardous Materials During Home Renovations

< !DOCTYPE html> Because of the poor economy, many Americans are taking up home renovation projects themselves. This is part of a trend that has been growing for several years now. However, many homeowners are ignorant of the risks involved

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Video – Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood

What is the difference? Is engineered hardwood even real wood? Isn’t it really just laminate flooring? Where can each of these types of hardwood be installed? Are they both installed the same way? After a good amount of time, can

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How Warranties Work: The Caveats (the “bewares”)

< !DOCTYPE html> From the Latin phrase “caveat emptor,” meaning “Let the buyer beware,” specifically of hidden things, what we would call the fine print, caveats still exist with warranties. There is the already discussed issue of transfer of ownership.

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