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Best Flooring for your Apartment (Yes, the one you’re renting!)

In the comments section under our video on Loose Lay Vinyl Plank Flooring, one viewer wrote to us:

“Best part of this is that you could put this in an apartment, and pull it up when you move! I *LOVE* this idea, and I love this store! I just bought my laminate floors from them (in person), and the staff is great.”

Actually, this is Armstrong Engineered Oak Natural, but it does look like a just-moved into apartment!

Frank thought about that and wrote the following for us:

Renters typically do not make equity investments like this in rentals, as the improvement is attached and can become a part of the property, with no return to the renter. However, should you elect to proceed with the installation, with the landlord’s approval, you would need a high quality flooring that is durable, easy to clean, easy to install, and easy to uninstall. Yes, the commenter is right, you’ll want a floor you can pull up and reinstall in another home when you move. This will present great savings on your flooring needs over the long term.

The biggest development in flooring since the introduction of laminate in 1994, Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring Planks come with a Loose Lay installation method. There is no glue, not even a locking system. The planks simply lay in place, held securely together by the perimeter of your walls and the anti-slip gripping on the bottom – gravity, that’s it! It is easy to pull up a single plank to replace it due to damage, or the entire floor should you care to move and reinstall it in your new dwelling. Our Supreme Elite Freedom Waterproof Loose Lay Vinyl Plank is attractive, and offers the following features.

  • 100% Waterproof Flooring
  • Completely super easy Loose Lay Installation
  • 100% Virgin Vinyl Flooring-No Recycled Content
  • 5mm Thick with a 20 Mil Wear Layer for Heavy Traffic Installations
  • First quality product with Lifetime Residential / 25 Year Light Commercial Warranty
Supreme Elite Freedom Series Hand Scrape Yosemite Brown Oak Waterproof Loose Lay Vinyl Plank Supreme Elite Freedom Gold Series Western Hickory Waterproof Loose Lay Vinyl Plank Supreme Elite Freedom Series Cold Springs Oak Waterproof Loose Lay Vinyl Plank

This loose lay flooring will meet all your needs, and look great! One tip: Consider whether you will move into a larger place, and if so, getting the extra flooring you might need during the first purchase. 1) We usually ship free once the minimum number of cartons is met, but if you are just making up a difference later, you might miss out on that threshold. Also, very small amounts of flooring have surprisingly high shipping costs. The cartons are just so heavy and long that they fall prey to weird extra charges until they go out in bulk.


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