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The questions come from our comments sections, and the answers were too big to go there, or we wanted to include pictures or video.

Quick Answers: Can Vinyl Flooring Withstand Cold Temperatures?

We recently received this question in our FAQ section: Can vinyl floating floors be used where temperatures go below freezing with no heating in the winter? Great question! While there’s a quick answer right here, we decided to dive a little

Posted in Customer Q & A, Vinyl Flooring

What’s The Difference Between Freight And Shipping?

Shipping, shipping, shipping! Everyone who shops online (so, everyone, basically) is familiar with the scramble to check shipping costs, look up the minimum purchase requirements, and get the most bang for their buck. Getting into the weeds of the shipping

Posted in Customer Q & A

What’s The Best Floor For Dogs?

We got this question over on our Facebook page the other day, and since it’s a pretty common line of inquiry, we decided to post it here too! Kyle asked, What flooring do you have that you would recommend for

Posted in Customer Q & A

Questions From Our Comments Section

We love our blog readers! They ask us some great questions and bring a great community feeling. Of course, if one person asks a question, someone else has probably wondered about the same thing, and so in that spirit we’ve

Posted in Customer Q & A

When Not To Buy Hardwood

We talk a lot about how important it is to understand your lifestyle needs when choosing a new floor. After all, flooring is an investment that’s meant to stand up to a home’s demands with beauty and durability for years

Posted in Customer Q & A, Hardwood Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Vinyl Flooring

Laminate Safety: What You Need To Know

There’s been a lot of conversation over the past year about the safety of laminate flooring. 60 Minutes ran a feature in March 2015 calling into question the levels of formaldehyde present in a competitor’s Chinese-made laminate flooring; earlier this

Posted in Customer Q & A, Laminate Flooring

How To Pick The Right Wood Filler

We’ve talked at length about what you can expect from hardwood floors. A big part of its appeal comes from variations that provide such a unique look. Occasionally, though, you can run across natural characteristics like voids or knotholes that

Posted in Customer Q & A, Hardwood Flooring

The Anatomy of Cabin Grade

We get a lot of questions about Cabin Grade hardwood. It’s one of our bestsellers and we do our best to offer as much information as possible about what to expect from a Cabin Grade floor. Here’s our President and

Posted in Customer Q & A, Hardwood Flooring

5 Times We Loved Reading The Comments

What’s the oft-repeated mantra of internet sanity?     Well, friends, unlike some well-known dens of iniquity on the World Wide Web, our blog is a great place to read the comments! We get great questions and we love hearing

Posted in Customer Q & A

Dishing on DIY

I’d like to start this post with a dedication. That’s right, we’re going to join our metaphorical hands, enjoy some togetherness, and give a loud proud shout out to everyone who wades into the sometimes-murky waters of DIY to do

Posted in Customer Q & A

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