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Quick Answers: Can Vinyl Flooring Withstand Cold Temperatures?

We recently received this question in our FAQ section:

Can vinyl floating floors be used where temperatures go below freezing with no heating in the winter?

Great question! While there’s a quick answer right here, we decided to dive a little deeper, what with the Polar Vortex hitting this year and other symptoms of climate change becoming more frequent in our weather patterns.

Vinyl, since it’s a nonorganic material, isn’t subject to the same level of temperature-related expansion and contraction like hardwood. It’s a wonderful waterproof material that’s resistant to impact, staining, scratching, and wear; it can take a punch and stand up to a busy family’s active lifestyle.

The principle of material changing with temperature is known as Thermal Expansion and Contraction. Without getting too into the weeds of physics, materials expand under heated conditions and contract when it’s cold.



Meredith Foster is a content writer at Floors To Your Home.

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