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The Time We Rented An Elephant

Here at Floors To Your Home, we take great pride in a few things: great flooring, amazing discount prices, and our unbeatable commitment to top quality customer service, just to name a few. We also take pride in creativity, innovation, and knowing how to have fun.

Case in point: our first-ever TV commercial back in 1988.
Yes, friends, that’s our very own President and co-owner Dan Kahn at the Indianapolis Zoo, putting vinyl flooring to a unique test. Dan doesn’t like to make statements he can’t back up, so when he announced that Floors To Your Home’s vinyl floors were strong and resilient enough to handle an elephant, he decided to prove it.
So, how did the vinyl do? Did it pass the test? It absolutely did!

If 1988’s vinyl flooring can handle plucky pachyderms, imagine what 2015’s can do. There have been a lot of advances in flooring technology over the past 27 years, especially for materials like vinyl. Let’s look at some of these improvements:
Click Together

Vinyl floors with click together installation are great for the weekend DIY warrior. It also makes repairs a snap.

It clicks right together!


Loose Lay

Loose lay vinyl really is the ultimate in flooring convenience! No glue. No locking mechanisms. No muss and absolutely no fuss!

Luxury Vinyl Plank & Tile

With Floors To Your Home’s fabulous discount prices, you can have the luxury you deserve at a price you’ll love.

Mohawk Prospects Chocolate Oak Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring


Wood Plastic Core is a patented hybrid composed of wood and plastic that adopts the best qualities of both vinyl and laminate flooring. Some of our WPC floors feature premium cork underlayment for maximum sound reduction. This is the closest thing on the market to waterproof laminate!

Do you have questions about vinyl flooring? Our flooring experts are standing by! Call 1-800-804-5251 now or click on FloorsToYourHome.com to chat live!

(We make no promises about elephant questions, but we’ll do our best.)


Meredith Foster is a content writer at Floors To Your Home.

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