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What’s The Best Floor For Dogs?

We got this question over on our Facebook page the other day, and since it’s a pretty common line of inquiry, we decided to post it here too!

Kyle asked,

What flooring do you have that you would recommend for someone who has two dogs?

There are a couple things we’d recommend. Waterproof vinyl is a classic choice. WPC vinyl is very sturdy, waterproof, tough as nails, and great for dogs of any size but especially bigger dogs.



Rigid Core vinyl is in the same category, waterproof, tough, and gorgeous. It’s a recent addition to the flooring market and is very popular with busy families, pet owners, and more. It’s less flexible than traditional vinyl (hence the rigid!), so it’s extra tough against dogs of all sizes, even larger breeds like Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds, and French Mastiffs.

Laminate is very tough but it’s water resistant, not waterproof. It may be worth looking into if you’ve got smaller dogs. Look for a wear layer in the description and specs, it will give you extra protection.

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Meredith Foster is a content writer at Floors To Your Home.

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2 comments on “What’s The Best Floor For Dogs?
  1. Jean Brewer says:

    I have Yorkies and they have put many types of flooring to the test over the last 25 years. I have had the waterproof lifetime vinyl flooring put down in my bedroom and love it I’m going to have my family room and two other rooms in my home with the same flooring. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I’m not able to use my old floor cleaners or ring out a mop it is so easy to clean and the water or spills just bead up on at like magic I highly recommend

    • Meredith says:

      Thanks for your comment, Jean! Dogs of all sizes will indeed test your floors; it’s great to hear you’ve found something that works for you and your sweet Yorkies!

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