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Floors To Your Home is dedicated to give our customers the best values in flooring. We have agreements with domestic and over seas manufacturers to resell their products. Manufacturers contact us first to sell their overstocks, discontinued and factory seconds that they cannot sell through their regular channels of distribution. We sell these products at 50-75% off their original retail selling prices--that represents a GREAT VALUE for our customers.

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Our main goal is deliver top quality, low cost flooring products direct to your doorstep from our warehouses in Indianapolis,Indiana. We stand behind the statement that we are The Number One Discount Internet flooring website, bar none. We ship to the Continental U.S and Canada.

We encourage you to shop around at traditional retail outlets first, then compare what you find with the products offered through our website. We are confident we can supply a comparable or better product with substantial price savings!

Our roots date back to 1921 when Mr. Irvin Kahn founded our company, Irvin Kahn & Son, Inc. in Louisville Kentucky.  Irvin Kahn named the company after himself and his son, Norman Kahn, who joined the business in 1943.

Irvin Kahn & Son, Inc. started with very humble beginnings selling area rugs and other type of flooring products.  The business was operating as a wholesale floor covering distributor, selling flooring products exclusively to retail flooring stores in Kentucky and Indiana. 

Norman Kahn joined his father in the business after he returned home from serving in World War II and immediately began to expand the business into other areas of flooring such as vinyl and tile flooring.

Irvin Kahn passed away very suddenly in 1948 and the new President, a very young and energetic Norman Kahn, was left by himself to steer the company into the future.  It turned out that Norman Kahn had a talent that very few people have today.  Norman had a special talent of finding the best deals that were to be had in the flooring business.  He would travel the entire country searching for closeouts, discontinued and overstocks in flooring.

Norman quickly became recognized as the “Special Deal Guy” in the industry.  All of the major flooring manufacturers called him first to sell him their overstock and closeout merchandise.  Flooring retailers from all over the country would contact Norman to buy these products since they represented the very best values for their customers.

Norman built a very successful business over the decades buying deals that represented the best values in quality and price for his wholesale customers.  As time went on, Norman’s sons ( Marshall and Dan) came into the business and learned this valuable business skill from their father.

In 1989, the brothers decided to open a branch of their wholesale floor covering business in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Upon building an 80,000 sq ft state of the art warehouse, this branch quickly grew to become the main headquarters of the business.

In 2002, an opportunity arose and the brothers purchased a 35,000 sq ft retail property that sits off one of the main expressways going through Indianapolis.  We named the new retail business Floors To Your Home.  Since business was shifting away from wholesale distribution to direct selling, it was the “writing on the wall” signal to the brothers that this was the new path to take to market.  Floors To Your Home is a giant warehouse store concept where the consumer actually comes in and sees pallets of in stock flooring ready to take home that day.

 In 2003, with the internet gaining off the chart momentum, it seemed that this could be the marketing vehicle that the brothers were looking for to show the country all the great deals in flooring they had in stock and ready to ship out immediately.

 Sadly, Norman passed away in 2004 but he left Marshall and Dan at the helm to carry on his legacy of finding the best deals in flooring and passing them on to our wholesale customers. 

 In 2004, the brothers expanded the company into the fast growing internet and retail business.  Instead of being limited to just a couple of states, the internet allows every consumer looking for flooring in the entire USA and Canada to be exposed to the BEST QUALITY AND PRICES anywhere to be found.

 The store and the internet became an overnight sensational success as we found that customers were tired of over-paying for flooring.  Customers were also tired and upset with lousy customer service, poor delivery and poor quality of their flooring.  We listened to our customers and we knew we had to change our business model to fit our customer’s wants and needs.

 In order to accomplish this, the fourth generation of the family, Brian Kahn joined Floors To Your Home in 2007.  Brian, with his extensive business background,  took over the reigns of the operational aspect of the business to make it viable in today’s tough retail environment.

 Our vision has remained the same since Irvin Kahn founded the company in 1921.  It’s simple – GIVE THE CUSTOMER THE BEST VALUE AT THE BEST PRICE.  Our business was founded on this principle and we work to do this everyday.

 Our hope is that you believe and trust us and allow us to earn your business. Two million square feet of flooring in stock, family owned and operated since 1921, great customer service without the big corporate red tape and the best prices on great quality flooring all adds up to the reasons we hope you would choose us for your business.  

We appreciate the opportunity and the time you have given us to read our company history and we look forward to serving you now and in the future.

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