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Why You Should Never Use Bleach to Clean Vinyl Floors

It goes without saying that proper care and maintenance is critical to ensuring a long and beautiful life with your flooring. Do your research, read the manufacturer’s recommendations, and understand that different flooring types will have different needs. Using the wrong cleaners can lead to real problems, which brings us to our first ever installment of… *drumroll*
We recently received this email from a customer:

Dear Floors To Your Home,

My sister uses bleach in her water to clean the floors. I have told her many times not to use bleach on the wood-look floors. Well, she used the same mop on all floors, so now my vinyl flooring has started shedding! It looks like black plastic stuff. I need something to put on the resilient plank floors to stop the shedding and protect it from further damage. Can you recommend something I can use??

Thankfully Yours,

A Woman In Floor Trouble

Dear A Woman In Floor Trouble,

Bleach is a nasty customer for flooring. With its antibacterial properties it’s easy to see why your sister would see it as an ideal floor cleaner. However, as you’ve learned the hard way, the chemical’s harsh properties can cause serious damage.

Unfortunately, it sounds as if the bleach has eroded the vinyl’s wear layer to the point where it’s begun to flake off. There’s good news and there’s bad news; let’s pull the bandage off and start with the bad news: this kind of damage is irreparable, and there are no coatings or sealers that will solve your problem.

So, what’s the good news? You’ve got plank flooring, which means you can replace individual damaged planks instead of having to tear up your entire floor. This can be a DIY job or a professional endeavor. Either way, we suggest letting your sister foot the bill.

Keep your chin up, A Woman In Floor Trouble. Better flooring days are just over the horizon.
Do you have questions about how to care for floors? This post from our blog covers vinyl floors, this post covers laminate, and this post covers hardwood. And, of course, our trained flooring experts are standing by to help! Call 1-800-804-5251 or click on FloorsToYourHome.com today.

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New Random Width Design Laminate

What happens when two great things combine? It can lead to utter disaster or, if you’re very lucky, two can unite into one amazing thing. Greatness squared. ALL THE GREAT. Luckily for us, Supreme Click Cumberland Falls random width design laminate flooring falls neatly into the second category!

This flooring is a perfect choice for anyone who loves the unique random width look but still wants the easy installation of top quality click together laminate. Each plank features a two-strip image, with one strip presenting as wider than the other. A faux beveled edge between the two strips adds realistic contrast, while the textured finish provides an even more authentic hardwood look. Of course, every one of our random width design laminate floors is CARB 2 compliant, so you can rest easy knowing your beautiful new floors meet the highest air quality standards.

Supreme Click Cumberland Falls random width design laminate includes a premium attached pad that is 2.3 millimeters thick with a top-quality foil barrier designed for greater resistance to noise and moisture. Each one of the four beautiful color options effortlessly blends style, substance, and sustainability! Let’s have a look.


Supreme Click Cumberland Falls High Sierra Laminate Flooring

Supreme Click Cumberland Falls High Sierra Laminate Flooring

Beautiful burnt sienna coloring adds warmth and just a touch of the unexpected.


Supreme Click Cumberland Falls Petrified Forest Laminate Flooring

Supreme Click Cumberland Falls Petrified Forest Laminate Flooring

Cool taupe and grey tones mix classic neutrals with modern aesthetic.


Supreme Click Cumberland Falls Random Width Design Spanish Trail Laminate Flooring

Supreme Click Cumberland Falls Random Width Design Spanish Trail Laminate Flooring

Rich brown hues reminiscent of Bilbao and Barcelona will bring a touch of the Spanish Spirit into your décor.


Supreme Click Cumberland Falls Random Width Design Mojave Sand Laminate Flooring

Supreme Click Cumberland Falls Random Width Design Mojave Sand Laminate Flooring

Evocative darker neutral hues coupled with authentic grain pattern and textured finish will enhance any room in your home.


Do you have questions about bringing random width design laminate flooring into your home? Call 1-800-804-5251 today to chat with one of our flooring experts.

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The ABCs of Hardwood

A is for Acacia

We’re starting off the ABCs of hardwood with a little bit of a cheat, because acacia isn’t a tree: it’s a shrub! This Australian shrub yields wood that’s renowned for its beauty, durability, and versatility. Acacia wood is rumored to have been used in the construction of the Ark of the Covenant.

Fun Fact: The most isolated tree in the world, Arbre du Ténéré in Niger, was an acacia! The tree was destroyed by a drunk driver in 1973; a metal statue now stands in its place.


B is for Birch

The broadleaved deciduous birch tree grows all over Europe, Asia, and North America. Different species can be found from Mongolia to Quebec, New England to Iran. Its light, satiny wood makes beautiful floors and is also a popular choice for veneer.

Fun Fact: Birch is the national tree of Finland and Russia.


C is for Cabin Grade

Cabin grade refers to second quality hardwood flooring. Don’t be put off by the thought of seconds, though! A lot of our customers love cabin grade hardwood because it’s a great way to bring hardwood flooring into their homes at only a fraction of the price. Check out the video below to learn more:

Fun Fact: Shop grade and tavern grade are other names used for cabin grade flooring.


D is for Distressed

The distressed look is a recent trend in flooring. It can mimic driftwood, an old barn, or even reclaimed wood.

Fun Fact: Many distressed hardwoods feature hand scraped finishes.


E is for Engineered

Engineered hardwood is where nature meets modern technology! Multiple layers of genuine hardwood are bonded together to form a unified plank, while the species used on the top layer lends its name to the floor.

Fun Fact: Engineered hardwood was pioneered in the 1960’s.


F is for Finish

Hardwood can be purchased either pre-finished or unfinished. Some finishes are natural, others are manmade. There are so many finishing options we’ve given them their own Learning Center post here!

Fun Fact: Shellac finish comes from the female lac bug.


G is for Gloss

Prefinished hardwood flooring is available in a wide range of gloss options, from mirror shine to classic matte. The right gloss level for you depends on your preferences, lifestyle, and needs.

Fun Fact: The word ‘gloss’ dates back to the 13th century.


H is for Humidity

Since hardwood is a natural material, it expands and contracts based on environmental conditions. Weather, climate, and precipitation are important factors to consider when you’re deciding if hardwood flooring is right for your home.

Fun Fact: The three types of humidity are absolute humidity, relative humidity, and specific humidity.


I is for Ipê

Ipê is another name for Brazilian Walnut , an exotic hardwood species that’s one of the hardest woods available!

Fun Fact: In the 1960s, the boardwalks of Coney Island in New York City were converted to ipê wood.


J is for Janka Hardness Scale

Hardwood’s strength is measured using the Janka Hardness Scale. The higher a wood’s Janka rating, the tougher it is. For example, pine, a soft wood, has a Janka rating of 650, while hickory, a harder wood, has a Janka rating of 1820. This post from our Learning Center goes into more detail about exactly how the Janka scale works, but here’s a quick diagram:

Fun Fact: The hardest wood in the world is the Australian Buloke, with a Janka rating of 5060.


M is for Maple

Put aside those delicious thoughts of maple syrup for a moment. Maple is a versatile tree; its wood is used to make floors, musical instruments, smoking food, and more! As a flooring material, maple is a popular domestic hardwood that makes beautiful family-friendly floors.

Fun Fact: The word ‘maple’ was first published in Geoffery Chaucer’s “The Knight’s Tale.”


N is for Neutral

First, let’s clear up one common misconception: Neutral doesn’t mean boring. Brown, taupe, beige, white, black, and grey are all amazingly versatile colors! Hardwood comes in a huge variety of warm and cool neutrals that can instantly change the mood of your room.

Fun Fact: I don’t have a fun fact about neutral colors, so have a Futurama gif instead:


O is for Oak

Oak is one of the most popular woods in the United States. In addition to flooring, it’s used for cabinetry, furniture, veneer, and more! Oak hardwood flooring comes in a wide variety of colors.

Fun Fact: In Baltic mythology, oak is the sacred tree of Pērkons, the Latvian god of Thunder.


P is for Ply

‘Ply’ is a delightful and frustrating word that carries a multitude of meanings that change on context. For our purposes, ply refers to the layers that make up engineered hardwood. For example, a piece of three-ply engineered hardwood would be composed of three layers, while a five-ply piece would be composed of five layers.

Fun Fact: ‘Ply’ originates from the Latin word plicare, to fold.


Q is for Questions

It’s always a good idea to ask questions while deciding on a hardwood floor for your home!

Fun Fact: Our flooring experts are standing by to answer any questions you have. Call us at 1-800-804-5251, or click on our website to chat with us.


R is for Refinish

One of the reasons for hardwood flooring’s longevity in a home is that it can be refinished! No other flooring material can boast that. Unsure whether to refinish or replace? Check out this post for more information.

Fun Fact: Hardwood floors can have a lifespan of over 100 years if it’s properly cared for.


S is for Solid

Solid hardwood has been a staple of the flooring pantheon for centuries. A piece of solid hardwood flooring is a board milled from the same species, from the same tree, down to the same piece or wood. For a more in-depth look at the differences between solid and engineered hardwood, check this post from our Learning Center.

Fun Fact: Solid hardwood first took on art, elegance, and craftsmanship during the Baroque Period, 1625-1714.


T is for Tongue & Groove

Tongue and groove planks are made to fit together: the tongue on one side of a plank fits inside the groove on another. Many hardwood floors feature this type of design.

Fun Fact: Tongue & groove hardwood can be nailed, stapled, glued, or floated without adhesive.


U is for Underlayment

Underlayment (or padding) is a multipurpose surface that goes between your subfloor and your flooring. If you’re going to float your engineered hardwood, you’ll need underlayment. It helps with noise reduction, moisture resistance, and adds warmth.

Fun Fact: Felt underlayment is made of recycled material! It’s a green home improvement product.


W is for Walnut

Walnut is favored by woodworkers for its easy workability. Its popularity comes from durability, availability, and attractiveness. Rich brown walnut wood makes beautiful floors!

Fun Fact: Walnut shells are used as filler in dynamite.


X is for Exotic

We’re not cheating with the letter ‘X,’ we’re…working within the system. Yes. Working within the system. Anyway, woods not grown in North America are known as exotic species. These include species like teak, ebony, jatoba, and many more! They’re beautiful and highly sought after.

Fun Fact: Exotic ebony wood is dense enough to sink in water.


Y is for Yellowing

Since hardwood is a natural product, some color changes are a natural part of its aging process. As Hardwood Flooring Magazine writes, “the change in color in hardwood flooring is often described in terms of color fastness; this is the expected change in color over time as the species ages, either from exposure to light or as it naturally oxidizes over time.” Depending on the species of your wood, this might even be a desired quality!

Fun Fact: Exotic hardwood experiences a greater degree of yellowing and color change than domestic hardwood.


Z is for Zebrawood

While zebrawood sounds like a fantastical, Seuss-esque fictional species, it is in fact a very real tree found in West Africa. It takes its name from its distinctive stripes that are reminiscent of…you guessed it! Zebrawood is used for furniture trim, skis, veneer, boatbuilding, and other pursuits.

This Gibson Les Paul guitar has a zebrawood top.

Fun Fact: The first written records of zebrawood come from British Customs records dated 1773.

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Luxury Sheet Vinyl: New For July 2015!

What’s new at Floors To Your Home? Well, friends, it’s sheet vinyl!

Say whaaat?

I know, I know. Sheet vinyl has gotten something of a bad rap over the years, but this isn’t the spongy, yielding material of yore. This isn’t faux tortoiseshell or grandma’s linoleum. This is Luxury Resilient Sheet Vinyl Flooring from Mannington, a trusted leader in the flooring industry.

Is It Strong?

Mannington Sobella™ luxury sheet vinyl features a flexible fiberglass core designed to be comfortable underfoot while still maintaining its durability. It can handle moisture, high traffic, and the demands of your busy household! Sobella™ luxury sheet vinyl is easy to install and cuts easily. It can be trimmed to your specifications and your needs, or shaped to fit around fixtures like toilets or vanities.

Is It Stylish?

See for yourself!

So chic!

So chic!

Whether you’re in the market for an authentic hardwood look or a classic tile design, there’s a luxury sheet vinyl for you.

Is It Low Maintenance?

One of the great things about vinyl plank flooring is that it’s really easy to keep clean. Sheet vinyl is no different! All it takes to keep Sobella™ luxury sheet vinyl looking its best is regular sweeping and an occasional rinse with some non-sudsy floor cleaner.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that!

A little bit of this, a little bit of that!

Are you thinking about luxury sheet vinyl? Call our flooring experts at 1-800-804-5251 to learn if Mannington Sobella™ Resilient Sheet Vinyl is right for you!

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Why Samples Matter

It may go without saying that flooring samples are an integral part of the buying process. However, like all words of wisdom, it bears repetition and reexamination.

Purchasing samples allows for a clearer visualization of what your new floors will look like in your home. Yes, thank you Madame Obvious, we’re not breaking any new ground here, but let’s go through the logic step by step. Pictures and room scenes provide a good start; the imagination gets going and soon the possibilities emerge. Tile in the bathroom! Laminate in the living room! Hardwood in the den! Oh, the options! But what will the final result be? This, friends, is why samples are so important.

Every model of flooring features a certain degree of consistency. At this point, it’s important to point out that some have a lot more variation than others. Take, for example, Marazzi Piazza Vita Elegante Ardesia 6 x 24 Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile. Someone who orders a sample might receive one of these three tiles:


Lots of variety here, right? There’s more when the full length planks are examined:


And even more when all the plank variations are put together:

elegant ardesia Marazzi Piazza Vita Elegante Ardesia 6 x 24 Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile   (1)

With so many different hues, tones, and shades at play here, it’s even more important to approximate how a floor like this one will transform your room. Since porcelain tiles are great for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms, let’s see how the Elegante Ardesia might look:

Marazzi Piazza Vita Elegante Ardesia 6 x 24 Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile 3

Say, for example, you’re looking for a backsplash tile instead of a flooring tile. Your kitchen is as distinctive as the rest of your home; samples are just as important for these surfaces as they are for floors. You want an investment you can love and be proud of for years to come. Samples will help you make that happen.

Do you have questions about ordering a flooring sample? Our dedicated flooring experts are standing by! Call 1-800-804-5251, or click on FloorsToYourHome.com to chat!

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What’s New At Floors To Your Home?

Hi, friends. It’s been awhile since we talked. How have you been? Good? Good. How are those prize-winning begonias? Blooming bright and beautiful? Fabulous. What’s new with us? We’re so glad you asked!

Lately we’ve been all about Mohawk hardwood! Every Thursday we get a new shipment of beautiful Mohawk flooring ready to fit your home and your budget. Both First Quality and Cabin Grade options are making their way into our warehouse. Let’s look at some of our new floors:

Columbia Intuition Cherry Spice Click Together Engineered Hardwood Flooring Warm russet hues offer a touch of zip to a smooth finish, random width design ensures a unique and characterful First Quality floor, and cherry wood’s natural strength topped with an aluminum oxide coating makes it suitable for pets. Each plank of the American-made Intuition Cherry Spice clicks together for the easiest hardwood installation on the market today. Click here to learn more.

intuition cherry spice

Mohawk Oak Driftwood Click Together Engineered Hardwood Flooring Instantly evocative of sand, surf, and serenity, this beautiful grey Cabin Grade flooring brings the beach to you! The strength of genuine American oak makes an enduring statement, while random length design adds character to any design scheme. Are you a DIY-er concerned about hardwood installation? Click together technology makes it easier than ever to enjoy hardwood floors in your home. Click here to learn more.

driftwood room

Mohawk Oak Chocolate Scrape Click Together Engineered Hardwood Flooring Subtle hand scraped texture lends character and personality to this random length floor and brings a rustic new dimension to lush chocolate coloration. Red oak’s natural strength makes this Cabin Grade discount engineered hardwood flooring a great option for pet owners, while easy click together installation make the Mohawk Oak Chocolate Scrape a wonderful choice for the DIY community! It really is possible to bring budget-friendly beauty into your home! Click here to learn more.

Mohawk Warrenton Hickory Golden Caramel Engineered Hardwood Flooring This beautiful First Quality hardwood floor combines hickory’s natural durability with a cool-toned caramel color and classic grain pattern. Random length design and beveled edges provides personality without increasing the cost, while resistance to scratching and staining ensure the Hickory Golden Caramel discount engineered hardwood flooring will maintain its charm for years to come! Click here to learn more.

Columbia Silverton Golden Arrow Ash 5″ Engineered Hardwood Flooring Taking its etymology from the Old English æsc, meaning ‘spear,’ references to the ash tree can be found in diverse pantheons throughout the Western world. While this discount engineered hardwood flooring may not host dryads or provide Norse Mead of Inspiration, the Golden Arrow Ash’s beauty is protected by an aluminum oxide coating. Warm golden coloring lives up to its name, while tongue and groove installation allows this gorgeous floor to be glued, nailed, stapled, or floated without glue. Click here to learn more.

By buying first quality discontinued and closeout flooring from some of the top brands in the industry, we pay only a fraction of the retail price, and pass those discounts on to you! Floors To Your Home makes it easy to save big on top quality flooring without compromising your time or your budget.

– – – –
Meredith Foster is a content writer at Floors To Your Home. Away from the office she’s a published author, hockey fan, music lover, and mom to a vampire-fanged rescue cat.
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Picking The Perfect Pet-Friendly Floor

True life at Floors To Your Home HQ: Many of us are pet owners. We have cats, dogs, fish, and our very own Hayley in the sales department used to have a skunk.

All of us who share our homes and hearts with animals are familiar with the trials and tribulations that can come with pet ownership: late night walks, chewing, accidents, hairballs (cat owners feel my pain here), the never-ending cycle of waste disposal. It’s all worth it, though.

furbabies 2

We pet owners ask a lot from our floors, don’t we? It really is possible to have a beautiful floor in a house that sees both paw and foot traffic. So, pet owners, what are our options? Let’s look.


Types of Flooring

Hardwood: If your heart is set on hardwood, solid is your best bet. Solid hardwood’s durability can stand up to impact and scratching; however do keep in mind that solid hardwood is not moisture resistant. In that similar vein, solid hardwood is scratch resistant, not scratchproof.

Porcelain Tile: Porcelain and ceramic are great choices! They’re durable, waterproof, and very easy to clean. Scratching doesn’t pose a threat either. Modern porcelain tile also keeps up with the trends, and can even mimic the look of real hardwood!

Laminate: Yes, yes, yes! Laminate makes a wonderful floor for pet owners, because it’s resistant to water, scratching, staining, and impact. Life with pets means a certain amount of unpredictability. Laminate will stand its ground against anything you and your pet toss at it.

Vinyl: Another fabulous option. Modern vinyl tile and planks (not roll vinyl) are waterproof and very strong. Some, like the Supreme Elite Freedom Gold Series, even feature thick wear layers for extra strength and durability. Our newest vinyl flooring option is the Supreme Click INNOcore WPC Luxury Vinyl. Premium quality, discount price!

Carpet: We never recommend carpet for pet owners. Carpet fibers can all too easily become a haven for dander, litter particles (cat owners will know what I mean), dirt, and allergens. Pet accidents can also leave unsightly stains and unpleasant odors, leading to expensive cleaning and equipment rental. Smaller pets like ferrets and rabbits also run the risk of getting their nails caught in the material.


Are you a pet owner? Our flooring experts are standing by to help you choose the perfect floor for you and your furbabies!

Before you go, though, do have some cuteness to take with you!

– – – –
Meredith Foster is a content writer at Floors To Your Home. Away from the office she’s a published author, hockey fan, music lover, and mom to a vampire-fanged rescue cat.
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WPC Vinyl Flooring: The Best of Both Worlds

Supreme Click INNOcore Engineered Luxury Vinyl Flooring represents a step forward in flooring innovation. Beautiful laminate appearance meets waterproof technology and an ultra-effective soundproofing pad for a floor that seamlessly melds beauty and top quality! Unlike COREtec™ flooring, though, Supreme Click INNOcore Engineered Luxury Vinyl Flooring is available at the great discount price you deserve, only from Floors To Your Home.

Did we mention it’s beautiful? Supreme Click INNOcore is available in five exclusive colors:


Wood Plastic Core (WPC) distinguishes INNOcore Luxury Vinyl from both laminate and regular vinyl floors. WPC is a patented hybrid composed of wood and plastic that adopts the best qualities of both materials. WPC provides superior stability and will not expand or contract when exposed to excess humidity or temperature fluctuations. Just like COREtec ™, it’s topped with a 1.5 millimeter layer of luxury vinyl protected by a transparent heavy duty wear layer. INNOcore Luxury Vinyl is also 100% waterproof, making it suitable for installation in areas with higher instances of moisture. These 5.5 millimeter thick planks will never swell if exposed to water! Supreme Click INNOcore Luxury Vinyl is the closest thing to a waterproof laminate floor available on the market today.

Every layer of quality sets Supreme Click INNOcore apart, from the luxury vinyl surface to the premium attached cork pad. Cork is the gold standard of soundproofing material, more effective than foam at muffling footfalls and other unwanted noise. The 1.5 millimeter thick cork padding eliminates sound better than even 3 millimeter felt, and is naturally moisture resistant! For those consumers who opt to purchase INNOcore Luxury Vinyl Flooring without the attached pad, no additional padding is needed.

So how do the two floors compare? Let’s recap.


Supreme Click INNOcore Engineered Luxury Vinyl Flooring includes a lifetime residential warranty and a 25 year light commercial warranty, just like the ones that accompany every COREtec™ floor. The specifications are identical. The warranties are identical. The only difference between COREtec™ WPC and Supreme Click INNOcore WPC Engineered Luxury Vinyl from Floors To Your Home is the price.
– – – –
Meredith Foster is a content writer at Floors To Your Home. Away from the office she’s a published author, hockey fan, music lover, and mom to a vampire-fanged rescue cat.
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Floods And Your Floors

“April showers bring May flowers.” There’s nothing quite as refreshing as spring rain, with its cool breezes and the promise of beautiful weather to come. Of course, there’s a difference between temperate seasonally appropriate precipitation and river-swelling, ground-saturating, ‘oh no that lovely duck pond in the backyard has encroached into my house’ torrential downpours.


First, all soaked furniture, upholstery, and belongings need to be removed from the area. Some may be salvageable and some might not be; as difficult as it might be to separate sense from sentimentality it’s necessary in this situation. A moist environment is essentially putting on the Ritz for mold and mildew, two very common allergens that can have serious long-term health consequences.

Next, focus on removing the excessive water and moisture from your room. The longer it hangs around the more damage it does, and, given the opportunity, it will get everywhere. RealEstate.com sums it up: “Water and excessive moisture ruins carpet and padding, seeps under floating floors, dissolves the bond between tile and the subfloor, and works its way under vinyl and linoleum.”

Air needs to circulate in your space in order to combat the excess moisture, so open some windows if you can and if the humidity isn’t too high. Your goal here is to create as much open area as possible: open cupboards and closets, remove cabinet drawers. You’re also probably going to need some help. Dehumidifiers for personal use are available for purchase, but a commercial dehumidifier packs the real punch. Commercial dehumidifiers will help speed the drying process along, and are available for rent from most national hardware stores or equipment rental locations. They’re big, they’re noisy, and they go to work. In extreme cases of high standing water, rent a sump pump to remove the excess water.

In addition to all the headaches, flooding can also cause some serious health risks. Ready.gov has more information on how to deal with the aftermath of a flood.

So What Flooring Can Stand Up To Floods?

Weather, humidity, and precipitation should all factor into the decision making process when shopping for a new floor. If you live in an area with high humidity and heavy rain, waterproof flooring is a great option! So, what type of flooring is best for standing up to water issues? Let’s break it down, going from best to worst.

BEST: Vinyl Flooring

I really can’t say enough good things about 100% waterproof vinyl flooring. Banish any thoughts of the soft, spongy rolled vinyl floors from the past. No. Those days are over. The sun has come out and technology has advanced to make vinyl flooring tougher, more durable, and far more attractive. Much like its laminate cousin, vinyl flooring is available in a huge array of colors and styles designed to emulate any look you can imagine! Whether you want your room to feel like a rustic, serene log cabin or a timeless Mediterranean villa, there’s a vinyl floor for you.


Another great thing about modern vinyl is how easy it is to install. Yes, I know ‘easy installation’ is something of a buzzword in the DIY world, but installing luxury vinyl plank flooring really is as simple as it sounds. Click together vinyl flooring does just that: it clicks together without glue, complications, or indecipherable instructions. Loose lay vinyl also installs just like its name implies, by laying down on your subfloor and staying in place due to its specially textured background.

BEST: Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

Porcelain and ceramic tile is a perennial kitchen and bathroom favorite for a reason. They’re all built to withstand water and spills; others are built to withstand chemicals, frost, and the elements. Ceramic and porcelain flooring is a tough material ready to go to work! For those with an eye for the cutting edge trends, we offer a large selection of wood look porcelain. Wait, what? Wood look?

That’s right! Take a gander. One is wood, and one is wood look porcelain tile. Which is which?


Those savvy readers who guessed the porcelain is on the right, pat yourselves on the back. That’s the Florida Tile Berkshire Walnut Wood Grain Porcelain Plank Tile. One the left is Kingsmill Sonoma Golden Sand Maple Birch Solid Hand Scraped Hardwood. Innovation, am I right?

With the unbeatable prices at Floors To Your Home, it’s never been a better time to purchase discount vinyl flooring.

ACCEPTABLE: Laminate Flooring

Time to play the semantics game: laminate floor is water resistant, not waterproof. Laminate is known far more for its durability, value, and eco-friendly construction than it is for its imperviousness to moisture. Of course, some people (the humble author’s parents, for example) still choose to install it in their bathrooms and are fully satisfied.

A lot of our laminate features an attached pad, but some of the pad goes one step further by featuring a foil moisture barrier for additional protection.

UNWISE: Engineered Hardwood and Solid Hardwood

Let’s shout it to the rafters: Wood and water don’t mix! Excess moisture causes all kinds of headaches for hardwood, so your best bet is to save hardwood for rooms without moisture concerns and opt for something else. If your heart is set on the hardwood look, have a look at our vinyl planks or wood look porcelain tile, which are all 100% waterproof.

Do you have questions about choosing the best floor for a moisture-prone environment? Call or click to chat with our trained flooring experts today.

– – – –
Meredith Foster is a content writer at Floors To Your Home. Away from the office she’s a published author, hockey fan, music lover, and mom to a vampire-fanged rescue cat.

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Springing Into Style

Hi, friends! It’s been a minute since we talked. You look great! How are things going? Good? Good!

What’s new with Floors To Your Home, you ask? Well, quite a bit, in fact. We’ve stocked up on old favorites, and jumped on some new trends! We’re adopting the three S’s for spring:


One of the hottest flooring trends for 2015? Gray! A timeless neutral that adds a touch of class to any décor scheme, gray (or grey, if you prefer) is a classic.


The Supreme Click Driftwood Gray Laminate Flooring is a beautiful discount wide plank laminate that’s ready to stand up to pet, moisture, and the impact that occurs when a certain piece of atrocious ‘literature’ is discarded to the floor like it deserves.

If you’re in the market for a high gloss floor to shine bright like a diamond, the Grand Elegance North Carolina Hickory Laminate might be the just what you’ve been looking for. Here’s an actual photo from one of our very satisfied customers:

NC hickory

Contrary to common belief, solid hardwood flooring doesn’t have to make a dent in your budget. We offer savings of over 50% on the Kingsmill Cape Cod Ranier Hand Scraped Oak Hardwood. Yes, you read that right: Over 50% off the regular retail price on genuine solid red oak flooring that features a beautiful hand scraped finish and characterful random length design.

One of the many great things about Floors To Your Home is our wide selection. By buying first quality discontinued and closeout flooring from some of the top brands in the industry, we pay only a fraction of the retail price, and pass those discounts on to you! Floors To Your Home makes it easy to save big on top quality flooring without compromising your time or your budget. This also keeps our inventory fresh, so check back often!
– – – –
Meredith Foster is a content writer at Floors To Your Home. Away from the office she’s a published author, hockey fan, music lover, and mom to a vampire-fanged rescue cat.
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