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Light Floors vs. Dark Floors

It’s one of the important things to consider when choosing color tones for your floor.

(Place a hand in front of either side of the picture and you will see what a difference the floor color makes to the room.)

(Place a hand in front of either side of the picture and you will see what a difference the floor color makes to the room.)

There are a variety of floor colors available from bleached whites and pale tans to deep reds and dark browns. Choosing which color that would be best for you home can be tough. The floor planks can change the entire mood of a room. Placing a dark stained floor in a small room with low light and dark colored walls can leave the place feeling like a dungeon. So before you put down some heavy change for a floor you might have second thoughts about, consider some things about the space your floor will be filling.



Dark floors are very trendy right now. They make a bold statement and bring out the look and feel of your furniture. They work great in open and well lit rooms, offices, kitchens, and studios. You may not always see these colors in areas like a dining room and bathroom. There is a reason for that. Dark floors make rooms dark. If you are needing better light in your room, this can be easily remedied by painting the walls with a lighter color. Darker floors also have a higher maintenance. Dust and scratches can be more easily seen than with a lighter wood color. They require more cleaning more often. If this is not a problem for you and you are looking for a bold, high contrast look that makes your decor stand out, then a dark colored floor may be just the right thing for you.

It's quite a difference, even in this computer generated image!

Wall color makes quite a difference, even in this computer generated image.



Light colored floors are timeless, classy, and easy to decorate around. They are very versatile with any floor space, ceiling height, and lighting. Because of the low visibility of scratches, light colored floors are good for homes with pets. They can also make any room look brighter and feel bigger. These lighter tones can seem boring and blend in with the background but they do have a feel that works in all rooms and does not go out of fashion. If you want your lighter shade of flooring to stand out more, look for a wood that has a strong texture and color variations in the planks.

Now see how the same changes work with a lighter floor.  You can make these changes yourself with a lot of different floors in our Room Scene Designer.

Here instead of the walls changing, the floor is. You can make these changes yourself with a lot of different floors in our Room Scene Designer.



No matter what floor color you decide to go with, samples will be your best friend. Most stores and online merchants offer them for free. Take advantage of that and get some samples. A picture or display may look nice but your home will not be under the same professional lighting. Placing a sample on the floor in direct sunlight, moonlight, and under your home lighting or matching it up with your current furniture will give you a much better idea of the end result. You can also use the room designer for comparing floor colors.


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11 comments on “Light Floors vs. Dark Floors
  1. Mandy says:

    I love the look of the light colored distressed floor. I saw a flooring on television that is the blue pine/beetle kill pine. Is that something you sell or is it only available in the midwest where the pine forests were affected? Trying to be cost efficient for a new home, but also want a nice look. I know pine is a softer wood, but I love the rustic look.

  2. Christina says:

    Hi, the images and gifs you provided were the best examples I’ve seen on the internet for light versus dark floors. Just wanted to let you know! And thanks!!

  3. Rebecca says:

    This was very helpful, especially the color changing pictures.
    Thank you

  4. Judy Howard says:

    I would like to know the manufacturer and color of the honey toned flooring on this website.
    I am looking for 3/8″ or 1/2′ engineered hardwood, 3 or 31/4″ wide.

    Hope you can respond quickly…

  5. Thank you for sharing this post! I’ve experienced the difference between light and dark floors myself. I got dark wooden floor installed in my lounge thinking it would make it look more graceful, which it did. But at the same time it made the area look smaller which I didn’t like. So last year I got it replaced by light-colored vinyl floor and the room looks more spacious now.

  6. Home Floors says:

    I’ve always loved dark floors although they get dirty and dusty easily, and make rooms look more congested. I still like them for the coziness they add and the way they go with all kinds of interior designs.

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