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Two 100% Waterproof Floors! (Good Video!)

Now, not only do you have the option of having a waterproof floor in your house, but you even have a couple of different kinds to choose from! Both the Supreme Click and Supreme Elite Freedom come in well over 40 different styles each. Your options for waterproof flooring are growing and growing!

Brian shows off the Loose Lay vinyl.

Supreme Elite Freedom Waterproof Loose Lay Vinyl Plank Flooring

** Update – we’ve changed the name! We used to call it Tuff Guy. Now we call it Supreme Elite. Same stuff. Enjoy!

This is a semi-recent thing for us, and a pretty big deal. In July of 2012, a year after the Supreme Click Elite arrived, we received our first four styles of the new Supreme Elite Freedom Loose Lay Vinyl Plank Flooring. We immediately got all excited about how this flooring installs (see below) – and that makes sense. That’s what was so new about it, not just for us, but in the flooring industry. But what we may have accidentally treated as passé at the time was the fact that this flooring is also 100% waterproof.

Below, our guy Shawn demonstrates the installation.

Loose Lay Waterproof Floors

Supreme Click Elite Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

Brian talks about Supreme Click Elite


In July of 2011 we got in our first shipment of our Supreme Click Elite Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring. As Brian discusses, it’s a vinyl plank floor designed to give the wood plank look we expect of hardwood and laminate, but with the added benefit of being – not just water resistant, but fully, 100% waterproof.

Our 'Aquarium Test'


To make absolutely sure of the waterproofness (not a word, I know), we stuck a few pieces into an aquarium, along with some other types of flooring which are not waterproof, and soaked them for three straight days to see what would happen. Our QA Specialist Hayley and I discuss what we’re putting into the drink, there’s a jaunty little time lapse of the three days, and then we pull the pieces out and show what the water did to each one. It’s fascinating stuff.

And below, Brian demonstrates how the planks lock together. These have the most common type of click together installation system, and he’s demonstrating that generally, but the flooring he uses for the demo are the Supreme Click Elite Waterproof planks, so you can really see how easy they are to work with in this video.

Waterproof Click-Together Vinyl Flooring


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David is a Writer at Floors To Your Home (.com), as well as the PPC Manager, a Marketing Strategy Team member, a Researcher, Videographer, Social Strategist, Photographer and all around Resource Jitō. In my spare time I shoot and edit video, explore film history, mix music (as in ‘play with Beatles multi-tracks’) and write non-fiction for my friends. Connect with me on W. David Lichty’s Google+

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David is a Writer at Floors To Your Home (.com), as well as the PPC Manager, a Marketing Strategy Team member, a Researcher, Videographer, Social Strategist, Photographer and all around Resource Jitō. In my spare time I shoot and edit video, explore film history, mix music (as in 'play with Beatles multi-tracks') and write non-fiction for my friends. Connect with me on W. David Lichty's Google+

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7 comments on “Two 100% Waterproof Floors! (Good Video!)
  1. Dolores DeGroat says:

    Have been looking for quite a long time to find waterproof floorng that actually works. I put down laminate flooring in my kitchen and dining room 5 years ago and it keeps seperating in one particular spot. As does my neighbor in the same spot. Thank you.

  2. Rosemary Blessman says:

    Looking for a flooring that could be used in a basement that might flood. Would this take a flooding? Not where water sits on it for days, but if an inch or two of water flows over it to a drain would it come loose?

    • David says:

      Hi, Rosemary,

      I asked around the experts. Our guy Adam had this to offer:

      If going with the click together style of waterproof, water running over it will not make it come loose (the example in my head is an air conditioner drain hose opening up). Refer to the tub we have in our showroom that has the water running off it, that would be the same situation. Of course, the tub is on the flooring, but most floors have things on them, furniture, fixtures and such.
      The only issue you want to make sure does not happen is where water gets under the click style and just stays there. That could manifest mold. This could happen if a major flood happens and the water gets under the floor around the outside edges. The material itself is 100% waterproof, but this does not make the entire home waterproof. I hope this helps!

      I spoke with our floor aquirers, and they agreed, depending on the amount of water rushing over the floor. While these floors have no waranties against floating away, it isn’t their inclination. We dropped the click together style into an aquarium for 3 days to show that the water wouldn’t hurt the material – it all stayed down in the water.

      To get more specific, feel free to call us – ask for Adam, if you like, he’s good – and we’ll go over anything you need to ask. It’s customer service, not hard sell.

      Thanks for asking, Rosemary!

      • Rosemary Blessman says:

        Thank you for your response. How do we go about getting a estimate for our family room?

        • David says:

          Rosemary, I think it would be best to talk with us about your specifics. You can call us at 1 (800) 804-5251.

          We also have, during our business hours, live chat. When we’re in, look at the top right box on Floors To Your Home‘s main page. There will either be a green link saying that chat is available, or a different text giving our hours.

          We can also be reached via the email address if you think it will be easier to write it all out.

          Thanks again!

  3. Lisa Fondren says:

    We have 15 dogs. Our small dogs are “somewhat paper trained” to go in our hall way. We are gone from home as long as 12-14 hours a day. So “holding it” isn’t an option. The large dogs (6) nails have scraped all the varnish off of our hardwood. We are looking for an option that will resist scratches but hold up to the urine. If urine goes underneath, the smell would be unacceptable. Any suggestions?

    • David says:

      Lisa, thanks for contacting us. The best I can think for your area would be a glue down vinyl plank. Going with the plank format will make it easier in the future to replace a plank if needed. There are some vinyl planks that have thicker wear layer surfaces to help resist scratches, so go with a style that has a 20mil wear layer or more. I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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