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water proof
$ 2 44
3,828 SQFT
in stock
Supreme Elite Waterproof LVT Vinyl Plank Ancient Cypress
water proof
$ 2 44
in stock
Supreme Click Elite Waterproof LVT Hand Scraped Vinyl Plank Heirloom Pine
water proof
$ 2 44
3,896 SQFT
in stock
Supreme Click Elite Waterproof Vinyl Plank Gingerbread Maple
water proof
$ 2 44
3,846 SQFT
in stock
Supreme Click Elite Waterproof Vinyl Plank Sugar Maple
Why Choose Loose Lay Flooring
Sometimes, a name says it all: Loose. Lay. Installing this top quality vinyl flooring really is that simple! No glue. No complicated mechanisms. No worries, no headaches, and best of all, no fuss! These luxury vinyl planks are durable, dynamic, and perfect for the do-it-yourselfer.

Unlike hardwood, vinyl neither expands nor contracts. The loose lay planks fit together without adhesives or locking parts, and are held in place by a textured backing designed for maximum gripping power. Designed to integrate durability and low maintenance, loose lay vinyl can be lifted up for easy subfloor cleaning, and then put right back down for the ultimate blend of quality and convenience.

Sound too good to be true? Order a sample from Floors To Your Home today and see for yourself!
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Cindy: Hello! I have one more question...Last week I was told that I could put the loose lay vinyl plank flooring directly over my laminate/tile floor, which is fantastic! My question is, what do I need to put down in my two carpeted bedrooms to bring the floor up to the height it needs to be? Any suggestions?
*** Eric joined the chat *** Cindy: Hi Eric
Eric: How are you Cindy!?
Cindy: great, how are you doing?
Eric: I am good!
Eric: You can put down luan or playwood sub floor. Is the floor under the carpet concrete or wood?
Cindy: concrete.
Eric: Really there isn;t much you can put over concrete to raise the floor up. You might just have to use a trim to deal with the difference in height.
Cindy: I couldn't glue something down over it? Just asking, I'm clueless, lol
Cindy: Just don't want transition strips if i can help it.
Eric: Not really. You can get subfloor solutions, but I am not sure what they cost because you can't just put plywood down over the concrete.
Cindy: Hmmmm
Eric: You could just take out the laminate you have to alleviate this issue.
Cindy: True. Or I could recarpet, as much as I hate the idea
Eric: You could. I am not a fan of carpet either so I understand not wanting to do that!
Cindy: Well, I'll have to think about this one. I was sooo excited to think I wouldn't have to tear out everything & haul it away, darn it!
Cindy: But thanks for the info. Now I have to decide on a color, and what to do about the bedrooms so that I can place my order. Thanks!
Eric: Of course. If you have any other questions please feel free to let us know!
Cindy: I will. Thank you so much, I'm sure I'll think of more questions, lol
Cindy: Have a great day, Cindy.