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water proof
$ 2 44
4,535 SQFT
in stock
Supreme Elite Waterproof LVT Vinyl Plank Ancient Cypress
water proof
$ 2 44
4,535 SQFT
in stock
Supreme Click Elite Waterproof LVT Hand Scraped Vinyl Plank Heirloom Pine
water proof
$ 2 44
3,916 SQFT
in stock
Supreme Click Elite Waterproof Vinyl Plank Gingerbread Maple
water proof
$ 2 44
3,900 SQFT
in stock
Supreme Click Elite Waterproof Vinyl Plank Sugar Maple
Why Choose Loose Lay Flooring
Sometimes, a name says it all: Loose. Lay. Installing this top quality vinyl flooring really is that simple! No glue. No complicated mechanisms. No worries, no headaches, and best of all, no fuss! These luxury vinyl planks are durable, dynamic, and perfect for the do-it-yourselfer.

Unlike hardwood, vinyl neither expands nor contracts. The loose lay planks fit together without adhesives or locking parts, and are held in place by a textured backing designed for maximum gripping power. Designed to integrate durability and low maintenance, loose lay vinyl can be lifted up for easy subfloor cleaning, and then put right back down for the ultimate blend of quality and convenience.

Sound too good to be true? Order a sample from Floors To Your Home today and see for yourself!
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Judy: Interested in vinyl planks, which is better. Loose lay or interlocked and why. House flooded and considering these waterproof planks.
Hayley: One is not better then the other - there are advantages to both. The biggest advantage in the loose lay is that if you have to pull it up to dry out your subfloor or clean, it is *much* easier to pull up and put back down than the click together. The biggest advantage to the click together is that it installs fast and easily. The loose lay installs fast but you must be very precise with cuts and how it is laid to make sure there are no gaps. We do recommend to glue the perimeter of the room, but it still may be easier to install. You just plop most of the planks down. There is no difference between the wear resistance of the two floors
Judy: ok, will be installing these on a concrete slab.
Hayley: As long as the slab is smooth and level then either one will work fine!
Judy: ok, also have small dogs who have accidents, will this penetrate and still smell?
Hayley: It might eventually get between the planks, but at least with the loose lay you could pull up planks right in certain spots, clean underneath them and put them right back down. This will best avoid smells.
Judy: ok, if the room floods, once water is gone will the planks seperate?
Hayley: Nope, they are 100% water proof.
Judy: ok, so it sounds like the loose lay would be better for my situation.
Hayley: Sounds like the best choice to me.
Judy: ok thank you for this information. You were a great help.
Hayley: You're very welcome! Let me know if you need anything else.
Judy: just need to pick out the one for me. I already have 4 or 5 samples. but husband wanted interlock. I think loose lay will be better for us.
Judy: do the transitions come in the floor colors? need to go to sheet vinyl and to carpet .
Hayley: Yes they do. We match them up with our trim manufacturer as close as possible. If we can't get a close match to the color you purchase, then we will take pictures and email them to you and let you make the call between selections.
Judy: ok, will be shipping to New Jersey. Once the order is placed how long will it take to receive.
Hayley: Generally 2-4 business days.
Judy: yea! thank you. Concrete floor is old. we will be floating the floor to make it level and smooth. Do you recommend this?
Hayley: I recommend a lever of some kind, so that before you install the vinyl it is already smooth and level.
Judy: ok thank you for your time. Have a good day.
Hayley: You're very welcome, and you as well!