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Featured Laminates
$ 2 36
862 SQFT
in stock
Master Design 12.3mm Upland Hickory Handscraped Laminate
$ 1 19
6,638 SQFT
in stock
Bella Cera Valencia Walnut Laminate Flooring with Free Underlayment
$ 1 19
6,638 SQFT
in stock
Bella Cera Red Walnut Noce Rosso Laminate Flooring with Free Underlayment
water resistant
$ 1 84
1,482 SQFT
in stock
Krono Original Stoneline Marbella Stone Click Laminate Tile w/ Free Underlayment
$ 2 29
1,662 SQFT
in stock
Timeless Elegance Moon Slate High Gloss Laminate with Attached Pad
What is Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring is a great way to bring, color, style, and panache into a design scheme! Composed of several top quality moisture resistant layers and topped off with a beautiful hyper realistic photographic image in a huge range of patterns, brand name discount laminate flooring from Floors To Your Home will give any room an instant makeover. Whether you crave the look of a quaint cobblestone street, elegant porcelain tile, or rustic hardwood, there's a laminate ready to match your vision and take its rightful place in your home.

Beauty aside, laminate flooring is an excellent choice for busy households. The transparent finishing layer provides additional durability and ensures resistance to scratching, staining, impact, and wear. Even some of the most notorious stainers - red wine, soda, ink- are no match for many of our laminates. Even the highest of high heels won't damage a laminate floor. Dropped that heavy textbook? Spilled that bowl of soup? A great discounted laminate floor from Floors To Your Home can handle all of that, and more. Need a floor that can really take the hard knocks? We offer a beautiful selection of AC4 rated laminates that add toughness without adding to the price.

In addition to being a stellar combination of strength and beauty, laminate flooring is also great for the DIY weekend warrior! Many laminates feature click together installation, which is just as simple as it sounds. Each plank is designed to snap together and eliminate the need for messy adhesives. Many of the laminates available from Floors To Your Home also include a free premium combination underlayment and moisture barrier. We eliminate hassle without eliminating great discounts!
Laminate Deals & Specials
Discount Laminate Flooring
Even when we aren't having a sale, our laminate floors go out at extremely discounted prices. We look for overstocked product, manufacturer overruns and all sorts of special deals and bring the flooring right into our warehouse. This means we can ship it out almost as soon as you order it, with most deliveries coming in under a week. Since it's cheap for us, we get to pass our savings on to you while still selling qualitiy floors at a good discount, and usually with free shipping. Just be aware that since we sell what we have, and that changes a lot, sometimes when a floor is gone it's really gone! If you want to learn more about laminate Flooring check out our Resource Center, where we have little FAQs, some good, detailed videos, blog posts on a variety of topics and more encyclopedia style articles in the Learning Center. It's very easy to navigate!
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Evie: Can I order the molding from you also?
Adam: We do have molding pieces. For color matches we try to get as close as possible. Most flooring we can get an 80-90% match.
Evie: Will you match if for me or do I need to do that?
Adam: We automatically do that. If the match is any less than the 80-90% range we will take a picture and email it to you.
Evie: Would ordering the moldings reduce the shipping cost?
Adam: Ordering the trims will increase the shipping by $25.00. The trims are special order and shipped separately from our supplier to you through UPS ground.