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Discount Vinyl Flooring

Get Your Discount Vinyl Flooring at Floors to Your Home

Once upon a time, the term 'vinyl flooring' carried some unpleasant connotations. Rolls of ugly, spongy flooring that could dent or scuff at the drop of a hat. Edges that curled and retracted at the first hint of moisture. Those days are over! Technology has advanced into the future and brought vinyl plank flooring with it. Gone are the days of flimsy sheets unable to withstand the demands of children and pets. Say goodbye to outdated colors. Say goodbye to limits. At Floors To Your Home, our wide selection of discount vinyl flooring lets you say hello to possibility!

Vinyl flooring is a true all-in-one product. It's super resistant to moisture, easy to install, and comes in a wide variety of patterns and styles. While outmoded vinyl rolls used to poorly mimic the appearance of hardwood or stone, today's vinyl focuses on authenticity. Love the look of genuine hardwood flooring? There's a vinyl plank for that! We feature many vinyl floors with a hand scraped surface just like those found on hardwood floors. Looking for a floor that's stylish and up to date with the hottest trends, or a tougher floor that can withstand grubby fingers, hasty paws, and rushing feet? There's a vinyl plank for that! In the mood for a project that can be completed in a weekend? You guessed it- there's an option for that, available at an unbeatable price from Floors To Your Home. In the mood for a project that can be completed in a weekend? You guessed it- there's a discount vinyl flooring option for that, available at an unbeatable price from Floors To Your Home.

In addition to their toughness and easy installation, many of our vinyl plank floors are also 100% waterproof, making them ideal choices for a kitchen, bathroom, or other moisture-prone areas. With a beautiful new vinyl plank floor, there's no longer any reason to choose between function and aesthetic in your decor. You work hard. Your home deserves a floor that works hard too.

Discount Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Like its rectangular brethren the plank, the vinyl tile is a versatile, attractive flooring option available in a great variety of colors and styles. Designed for maximum beauty and built for maximum strength, vinyl tile will stand up to the rough and tumble demands of an active household and look fabulous doing it!

A great choice for anyone looking to update a bathroom, laundry room, basement, kitchen, or other moisture-prone area in the home, many of our vinyl tile floors are 100% waterproof. Worried about installation? No need to be concerned! Vinyl tiles are very easy to install, and as perfect for the home improvement beginner as they are for the professional.

Want to see how our great discount vinyl tile will look in your home? Call or click to order a sample from Floors To Your Home today, and see how far vinyl tile flooring can take you.

How Is Discount Vinyl Flooring Installed?

Discount vinyl flooring can be installed in a number of different ways:

  • Glue
  • Click Together
  • Loose Lay

Whether you choose planks or tiles, easy installation makes vinyl flooring a prime option for DIY! Underlayment is not required for vinyl flooring, and installation doesn't take any special tools! Some vinyl flooring cuts with a knife, making it easy to trim the sizes you need for those hard to fit areas like door jambs and corners. Whatever method you choose, Floors To Your Home has a discount vinyl floor for you!

Cutting Edge Discount Vinyl Flooring Technology

The latest word in home improvement technology is WPC Vinyl Flooring. Wood Plastic Core (WPC) separates INNOcore Luxury Vinyl from both laminate and regular vinyl floors. WPC is a patented hybrid composed of wood and plastic that adopts the best qualities of both materials. WPC provides exceptional stability and will not expand or contract when exposed to excess humidity or temperature fluctuations. INNOcore Luxury Vinyl is 100% waterproof and available from Floors To Your Home in five stylish colors.

Every layer of quality sets Supreme Click INNOcore Luxury Vinyl Flooring apart, from the 1.5 millimeter luxury vinyl surface and heavy duty wear layer to the premium attached cork pad. Cork is the gold standard of soundproofing material, more effective than foam at muffling footfalls and other unwanted noise. The 1.5 millimeter thick cork padding eliminates sound better than even 3 millimeter felt, and is naturally moisture resistant!

Life With Discount Vinyl Flooring

Every homeowner knows a floor isn't just a showpiece. Beauty is only one side of the story, since a floor needs to stand up to anything the active home can throw at it! Vinyl flooring is a great choice for families with children and pets. Not only is it waterproof and able to withstand fading, staining, and wear, it's also resistant to impact and scratching. Busy feet and hasty paws are no match for the top quality vinyl floors from Floors To Your Home.

Let's be honest: no one really enjoys housework. It's only natural to want to live in a clean attractive home, but excessive maintenance can put a damper anyone's mood. Vinyl flooring is very easy to clean! All it takes is a little sweeping here, the occasional damp mop there, and that's it! No need for sticky waxes or expensive equipment rentals.

In the event of floods or other messes, loose lay vinyl planks can be simply lifted up to be cleaned and to allow the subfloor to dry before being replaced. Click together vinyl planks can also be lifted and replaced, although not as simply as their loose lay counterparts.

Allergy sufferers can breathe easy with vinyl flooring! Unlike carpet, which traps allergens like dust, pollen, and pet dander, vinyl floors don't retain irritating particles.

Vinyl flooring is available with a range of wear layers designed to suit your home's needs. Some vinyl floors are meant for light foot traffic, others for moderate or normal traffic in a home, while still others are made to withstand heavy activity in a home or in a commercial setting.

At Floors To Your Home, our wide selection ensure that we have a floor that's ready to meet your most demanding needs! Our trained flooring experts are a call, click, or an email away, standing by to help you pick the right discount floor for your family.

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